Marketing Knowledge For Those In Need Of It

Lords Armory is a blog intended to guide the “Lords of the Business Realm” to complete fulfillment and knowledge of what it takes to compete in business. In this post, we will discuss some knowledge on the marketing side of things.

What is Marketing?

So many of you that are new to this world of business have no idea what marketing even is. What it is, is just the art of getting people to know about your business; most importantly, people that want to buy a product or service you offer. Here’s the good news, you can start marketing your business for free. No need to hire anyone to do this for you yet.

First, we need to get you equipped with the right knowledge so you can start kicking major butt in the business realm.

Let’s start with just how you meet people at networking events, or even at the grocery store. What happens when someone asks you about what you offer through your business? Do you answer in the smartest way possible? Or do you hesitate like an idiot and blurt out whatever you can think of off the top of your head?

It’s very crucial to know what you’re going to say when people ask you. This can be a potential 30 second commercial that you need to speak in front of people so that they can actually either buy, or refer someone to you that will buy. Gone are the days where you don’t have a strategy behind your business goals. If you want to succeed, you need goals. On top of that, you absolutely need a marketing strategy that can boost your business above it’s competitors, and get more customers than ever before.

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marketing – lords-armory

Here’s how you can Market for Free

Now as we get into the art of marketing for free, let me clarify something for you. Nothing is free. But what I mean by marketing being free, is the fact that you can go out and talk to people as much as you want. Depending on how you look at that, it’s free unless you see that time is money. If you spent that time in other means to make some money, you may think that would be a better choice. I’ll tell you why you’re wrong though. Spending your time wisely, by going out and speaking to people about your business, will allow you to actually gain more money than another way you’d rather spend that time.

You can also cut costs for marketing by doing it online. The internet made things much easier for us all. And that is the fact that we all face daily. We can talk to thousands of people per hour in comparison to, without the internet, talking to just 3 per hour.

Internet Marketing is King

With the internet, you can have your own storefront. Without even having to pay rent for a physical location! This is awesome! You may have to pay a measly $70 per year to keep your site up and running, but that’s nothing at all compared to $20,000 per year on rent!

Are you getting excited? Well, you should be. And if you’re not, you are not in the right industry. If you were in the right industry, this type of knowledge would make you so excited to just hop on that dream you’ve always been thinking about. But you won’t, if you haven’t chosen a field that you’re passionate about.

Let me tell you about my experience marketing online. I hired an SEO (search engine optimization) company a while back for my father, he is a lawyer. He was getting about 1 client every month by going out and networking with people. He paid for seminars, networking meetings, meetup groups, mastermind groups, etc. Yet, only 1 client per month. We could barely eat. We couldn’t visit any restaurants, see any movies, or anything like that.

Now, growing up with the internet always available has been a blessing from The Gods. I knew that if I could get his website to

show up first on Google for terms like, “lawyers” “attorneys” etc., I’d be able to get him WAY more clients!

I hired someone to do this for him, what they did was truly amazing. He did have to spend a large chunk of his savings in order to make this happen, but when we saw the results, there was nothing that could turn us back.

The profit we made was insane; we went from 1 client per month to 8 in just 6 months time. This changed our lives. Not only for my father as a business man, but it changed the quality of our family’s lives. It also changed my life personally because I wanted to become a business man myself after seeing the potential.

If you haven’t gotten around to marketing your business yet, take it from Lords Armory, and equip yourself with the Knowledge of Marketing. If you need marketing done for your business, visit this website here:

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